Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First Entry: Me and Technology

My name is Ben Brown and I am currently a student at Trinity International University studying to be a high school history teacher. I grew up in Roach, Missouri at a missionary training center called New Tribes Mission. I  attended Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, IA where I met and married to Kerry Ann (McHugh) Brown, and we are expecting our first baby girl in July. I enjoy spending time with the LORD, my wife, my friends, playing sports (like soccer), playing guitar, and eating food!
I want to be a teacher because I have a heart for youth, the Bible, history, and teaching.  Very specifically I desire to work overseas at an international school with missionary kids and other international students. I have a passion for discipleship and training up young people in the way they should go. I want to be involved in teaching, coaching, and discipling young people and preparing them to walk with the LORD for the rest of their lives. Initially, however, my plan is to teach in the US to gain some teaching experience and help pay back any loans I might accrue during this current Master's program.
As far as my comfort level with technology, I use computers (primarily PC) frequently and can navigate through  most public networks (i.e. email, facebook, video streaming, etc...). I am also comfortable with Microsoft Word,  Powerpoint, and somewhat with Excel and Access. I am also capable of using digital cameras, cell phones, and other electronic devices. However, I will admit that my wife is actually the "techy" in our family. She is the one who downloads all or our music, hooks up any new electronic devices we buy, and actually enjoys the process. I personally enjoy the benefits of technology, but do not often enjoy tampering with it to get it to work. I would have to admit that my little sister probably has considerably greater computer and editing skills than I do.
All that to say, I am looking forward to learning more about current technology and ways to incorporate it into the classroom. I am aware of the advantages of incorporating technology into the classroom, and I want to be fully prepared to engage "21st Century culture." I am not particularly intimidated by this course, but I recognize that it will likely highlight areas of weakness in my teaching skills set. Basically, I am not an expert, and I think this class is going to be a challenge for me. But, that is part of the game, and like anything else, I want to go into it with the right mindset, with my affections set on things above and my efforts being whole-heartedly for the LORD.


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  2. Hey, Ben!

    I didn't know you played guitar?? :)


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  3. Congratulations on the baby! You will most certainly be having a VERY busy year!

  4. Looking forward to working on our project together. You'll do great!